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A sunny Friday in Wye

A sunny Friday in Wye

Fri, 22 Sep 2017 17:00 by Parish Admin

The importance of the Wye Neighbourhood Plan main objective of a 'walkable village' was clear today, as were the constraints of Wye's medieval roads and the ageing infrastructure underneath them. A skillful HGV driver only managed to get through the village by inching his 13' wide load up Scotton Street, with it projecting over the top of a parked car. Fortunately without damage, as the car was small and it was a still day. More »

The transporter had carried the abnormally wide load from York without incident, but was held up for some time by this one car. The load was a mobile office unit on its way to Sidelands. Scotton Street is a notorious area for incidents of damage to parked cars.

At the same time KCC closed Bridge Street to enable South East Water's contractors to repair another burst water main. This time in the road outside Swan House. This forced buses to either do a U turn on Golden Square, or leave Wye via Upper Bridge Street and Church Street. KCC has also issued two current permits for the High Street. One is to repair another burst main opposite 34 High Street, which appears to be completed, but there is a failing main drain cover nearby which KCC records as a 'danger for road users.' Repairs are due to be completed on this fitting by 26th September.

This is a repeat of the repair made to the same drain cover in September 2016, as reported here. Last year contractors closed Wye High Street and worked overnight to avoid disrupting the bus route.

Community Warden Richard Sinden was on hand today to direct traffic and witness any damage. He also alerted bus drivers to the closure of Bridge Street, as they were not aware of the problems ahead.

The 'Roadworks' button on the home page of this website enables road users to anticipate and avoid delays from roadworks. » Less

WYE3 comment deadline extended to 12.00 noon Monday 18th September

WYE3 comment deadline extended to 12.00 noon Monday 18th September

Sun, 17 Sep 2017 08:13 by Parish Admin

Following the public exhibition 7th September on the WYE3 draft masterplan for the former Wye College site, and the intervention of the Wye ward member, Ashford Borough Council has extended the deadline for public comments to 12.00 noon Monday 18th September 2017. The WYE3 site extends across 44 acres of the former Wye College campus. WYE3 includes all the medieval Grade I, and Grade II* buildings, which is also a Scheduled Monument, and the Edwardian Grade II buildings that front the High Street and Olantigh Road. More »

The WYE3 exhibition boards are available to view online at the developer's (Telereal Trillium) website. The exhibition boards and comment form are also available download below, along with Parish Council's preliminary assessment of some of the main issues and areas of contention. The listed buildings are subject to current planning and listed building applications (17/567/AS and 17/568/AS). The Parish Council's holding objection to these applications is also available to download below.

Ashford Borough Council's website states that the developer's proposals "are still at an early stage and include new housing, a care home, open space, conversion of old college buildings for small start-up business use and space for agricultural/horticultural businesses to expand and grow. Further project details and details of how to submit comments are set out on the main website page."

Ashford Borough Council invites public comments on the content of the developer's WYE3 exhibition boards. These can be submitted by post to the Civic Centre, or by email via: planning.help@ashford.gov.uk

The WYE3 masterplan is subject to the policies in the adopted Wye Neighbourhood Plan. In the referendum held on Thursday 8th September 2016, of the 43.7% residents who cast their vote, 94.72% voted in favour of the Wye Neighbourhood Plan.

Wye High Street obstructed

Wye High Street obstructed

Thu, 14 Sep 2017 18:30 by Parish Admin

Since the start of this term a fleet of Wye School coaches have taken to parking for up to an hour a day on double yellow lines in Wye High Street. This daily obstruction between the church gate and the Latin School is preventing Stagecoach bus services from using the Wye Church bus stop, as the photograph shows. Ward member Cllr Noel Ovenden has made sure that the manager of Ashford Borough Council's Parking Services Team is fully aware of this situation, and the road safety issues. The manager is now in contact with the bursar of Wye School. More »

Two Civil Enforcement Officers (Traffic Wardens) observed the school coaches parked on Tuesday, and spoke to the drivers, but they did not appear to enforce the Borough Council's own enforcement practice (parking enforcement policy extracts below). They did however issue a ticket to a motorist nearby. He had also parked on double yellow lines, but outside Wye News, and was irate about their inconsistent approach.

The Community Warden, Parish Clerk and councillors have all received several complaints about parking contraventions and obstructions, but residents should report these directly to the Parking Services Team, at parkingcustomercare@ashford.gov.uk

South East Water has blocked off part of the High Street since 7th September to repair a leaking water main in the road at the junction with Olantigh Road. This is adding to the congestion and parking problems in the area.

Ashford Borough Council Parking Enforcement Policy (extracts)

"Marked bus stop clearway areas can only be used by a local bus ( i.e. a scheduled service bus) for up to two minutes in order to maintain a scheduled service or for as long as necessary to allow passengers to board/alight or for a change of crew. A local bus is not permitted to park in a bus stop for any reason other than stated above.

"Any vehicle that is not a local bus parked or waiting in a bus stop area will be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice.

"Due to the congestion and inconvenience caused by vehicles parked in bus stop clearways the council will enforce these areas frequently.

"There is no leeway provided to any vehicle encroaching into bus stop clearways, even if part of the vehicle is parked legally.

"The council recognises that coaches may need to set down a large group of people in a safe manner. Therefore discretion will be given where this type of activity takes place. Coaches should not however park in loading-restricted areas, bus stops, pedestrian crossings, school keep clears or where it is dangerous to park." » Less

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