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A sunny Friday in Wye

Posted: Fri, 22 Sep 2017 17:00 by Parish Admin

A sunny Friday in Wye

The importance of the Wye Neighbourhood Plan main objective of a 'walkable village' was clear today, as were the constraints of Wye's medieval roads and the ageing infrastructure underneath them. A skillful HGV driver only managed to get through the village by inching his 13' wide load up Scotton Street, with it projecting over the top of a parked car. Fortunately without damage, as the car was small and it was a still day.

The transporter had carried the abnormally wide load from York without incident, but was held up for some time by this one car. The load was a mobile office unit on its way to Sidelands. Scotton Street is a notorious area for incidents of damage to parked cars.

At the same time KCC closed Bridge Street to enable South East Water's contractors to repair another burst water main. This time in the road outside Swan House. This forced buses to either do a U turn on Golden Square, or leave Wye via Upper Bridge Street and Church Street. KCC has also issued two current permits for the High Street. One is to repair another burst main opposite 34 High Street, which appears to be completed, but there is a failing main drain cover nearby which KCC records as a 'danger for road users.' Repairs are due to be completed on this fitting by 26th September.

This is a repeat of the repair made to the same drain cover in September 2016, as reported here. Last year contractors closed Wye High Street and worked overnight to avoid disrupting the bus route.

Community Warden Richard Sinden was on hand today to direct traffic and witness any damage. He also alerted bus drivers to the closure of Bridge Street, as they were not aware of the problems ahead.

The 'Roadworks' button on the home page of this website enables road users to anticipate and avoid delays from roadworks.

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