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Wye Goods Yard appeal start date announced

Wye Goods Yard appeal start date announced

The planning application 17/1646/AS for 14 three storey dwellings on the former Wye Goods Yard site will be decided by an Inspector, not by Ashford Borough Council. The developer appealed on grounds on non-determination. The appeal process started 6th November and all those who have written to date will be notified by letter. Residents and other interested persons now have until 11th December to provide any new evidence, or to make additional comments. Over 60 Wye residents have objected and the Parish Council has written strong objections on a wide range of issues. The Inspector will read all these letters, so there is no need to repeat points made already.

The agreed Wye Neighbourhood Plan policy is to use this land as additional parking for the railway station, to relieve parking congestion, particularly along Bramble Lane, Bridge Street and Churchfield Way.

The Inspector will decide this appeal by written representations, so there will be no public hearing. The developer consulted Ashford Borough Council for pre-application advice in November 2016.

Posted: Fri, 09 Nov 2018 23:00 by Parish Admin

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